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Saturday, August 19, 2017

I have been silent since October 2015. Back then, my second born wasn't even one year old and blogging had become an issue.  I haven't stopped reading but I have to admit that I have slowed quite a bit, for a time... My reading sessions were back to a simpler reading for pleasure time but every now and then, I still had the habit of taking notes on my reader.

I missed contributing in small parts to the blogosphere and had a hard time of keeping track of the releases I looked forward to, the Fantasy maps, the covers, the news and all the rest. While I still don't have an infinite amount of time to give to my blog, I think that I can share my experience and contribute for those looking for Epic Fantasy tidbits.

The posts I'll write will probably be very similar in style to what I wrote from 2009 to 2015 but I have a new idea for review. It's not a revolution but I'll try to give a more straightforward opinion to help you choose the books you could pick instead of going into an intricate break down.

So, what have I been reading or listening to in the past year and a half? I'll write another post with the list and some comments about the books.

What else? I'll change the blog template, the map index need a good update and isn't the Game of Thrones series still amazing!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back...enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, glad you are back. I've been a big fan of your blog and used your past reviews as a guide on what stuff to read. I'm glad I still check your blog once and was pleasantly surprised to see you started posting again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, kept checking your blog for a long time. Fantasy readers are used to waiting ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll second this quote "Welcome back, kept checking your blog for a long time. Fantasy readers are used to waiting ;) " And it wasn't as long as Martin has keep us waiting.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! You have guided me on the best fantasy books for years! And I have guided others. Very happy that you are back!!

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