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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 2015 isn't the most prolific month in term of Fantasy releases (as far as my picks are concerned) but Alex Marshall eagerly awaited debut will be available.  Aside from my spotlight, you might also be interested in a new Feist novel and might be willing to give The Unremembered another shot in it's definitive author edition (isn't that a bit of a stretch?).

The King of Ashes, book one of the War of the Crown series by Raymond E. Feist (April 7th)
The Unremembered - Author's definitive edition - Vault of Heaven book one by Peter Orullian (April 7th)

What will you read this month?


The Warring States
 The Wave Trilogy book 2
Aidan Harte
April 1st
After the rout at Rasenna, Concord faces enemies on all fronts, and nobody believes that the last surviving Apprentice is equal to these crises – but Torbidda didn’t become Apprentice by letting himself be manipulated. 
While Sofia is struggling to understand her miraculous pregnancy, the City of Towers grows wealthy. But it’s not long before the people of Rasenna start arguing again, and as the city falls apart once more, Sofia realises she must escape Etruria to save her baby. 
When prophecy leads her to another cesspit of treachery, the decadent Crusader kingdom of Oltremare, Sofia begins to despair, for this time she can see no way out… 

A Crown For Cold Silver
Alex Marshall
April 14th
An outstanding, game-changing epic fantasy debut featuring an unforgettable female warrior. 
Twenty years ago, feared general Cobalt Zosia led her five villainous captains and mercenary army into battle, wrestling monsters and toppling an empire. When there were no more titles to win and no more worlds to conquer, she retired and gave up her legend to history. 
Now the peace she carved for herself has been shattered by the unprovoked slaughter of her village. Seeking bloody vengeance, Zosia heads for battle once more, but to find justice she must confront grudge-bearing enemies, once-loyal allies, and an unknown army that marches under a familiar banner. 
A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER is an outstanding epic fantasy debut featuring an unforgettable warrior.

Clash of Iron
Iron Age book 2
Angus Watson
April 14th
Iron Age warriors Dug and Lowa captured Maidun castle and freed its slaves. But now they must defend it. 
A Roman invasion is coming from Gaul, but rather than uniting to defend their home, the British tribes go to battle with each other -- and see Maidun as an easy target. 
Meanwhile, Lowa's spies infiltrate Gaul, discovering the Romans have recruited British druids. And Maidunite Ragnall finds his loyalties torn when he meets Rome's charismatic general, Julius Caesar. 
War is coming. Who will pay its price?

Greatcoat's Lament
Greatcoats book 2
Sebastien de Castell
April 28th
Falcio val Mond is the first Cantor of the Greatcoats. Trained in the fighting arts and the laws of Tristia, the Greatcoats are travelling Magisters upholding King’s Law. They are heroes. Or at least they were, until they stood aside while the Dukes took the kingdom and then began fighting among themselves.

The horrifying murder of a duke and his family sends Falcio in a deadly pursuit to capture the killer. But Falcio soon discovers his own life is in mortal danger from a poison administered as a final act of revenge by one of his deadliest enemies. As chaos and civil war begin to overtake the country, Falcio has precious little time left to stop those determined to destroy his homeland. 
Greatcoat's Lament is a dark swashbuckling tale of idealism and betrayal in a country crushed under the weight of its rulers' corruption. It is the second book in the Greatcoat's series that began with Traitor's Blade.


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