A Crown for Cold Silver extract and update

Thursday, April 9, 2015

With the release of Alex Marshall's ''debut'' right around the corner (A Crown for Cold Silver will be out April 14th) I picked up the ARC to try to post a review soon after its release. With more than 50 pages in, I have to say that so far, it looks like a solid ''debut''.

I also searched for a map of Marshall's world (it would be of great help) and it's still not available online. However, it will be posted soon by Orbit.

Aside from the extract, which I hope will give you a nice enough taste of what were looking at, I found out that: "Alex Marshall is a pseudonym for an acclaimed author who has previously published several novels in different genres.". That's why I put quotation marks on the debut...

So far, I wasn't able to find out who Alex Marshall is. Anybody knows?

Anyway, here's the link for the extract (it includes 7 chapters):


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An epic fantasy that will surprise you. When was the last time you read one of those? Marshall deftly sets up and subverts expectations at every turn. If you think you know what's coming, think again.

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