Poll results - We found the tavern

Monday, July 22, 2013

The results are in from the last poll and we found the tavern where we would stop for a drink!  The first choice may not be the safest one on nights where a small group of hobbits seek shelter but at least they have "what they call a pint!".  The fact that it's the most famous tavern from the most famous work of Fantasy has probably something to do with the results.

Inn of the Prancing Pony  -  28%
The Eolian  -  18%
K'rul's Bar  -  18%
The Queen's Blessing  -  10%
Phoenix Inn  -  10%
The Waystone  -  9%
Crossroads Inn  -  4%

Aside from the choices I proposed, the following taverns/bars/inns were suggested:

Callahan's Place from Callahan's Crosstime saloon by Spider Robinson
The Companion's Bell from Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey
Vulgar Unicorn from Thieves' World by various authors
The Inn of the Last Home from the Dragonlance series
The Inn - Honest John's from Raymond E. Feist's Midkemia universe
The Mended Drum - formerly the Broken Drum in Ankh-Morpork from Terry Pratchett's Discworld


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