Joe Abercrombie's new series

Friday, July 19, 2013

Joe Abercrombie announced today that a new series he's written (the first book is finished) was picked up by HaperCollins to be published in July 2014, with two more books released every six month thereafter. The first book is called Half a King and will be different to a certain degree to Joe's previous work as it will be a bit more YA oriented while still aiming at satisfying the thirst of his well-establish fan base.  Half a King will be quite shorter (80,000 words instead of 175,000 to 230,000 for his previous novels) and is 'set in a very different world with what you might call a viking or anglo-saxon feel'.

More Abercrombie's stuff is a good news and if you read his entire post on the announcement, it's easy to understand why he's going this way before going back to his First Law world. It may be a while before we read more about our beloved characters but in the meantime, another trilogy should be interesting. Great news!


Ghost said...

Joe Abercrombie writing something in the YA section? Frankly, I can't see it working unless he changed his style. Would be interesting to see if he can pull it off though.

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