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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anthony Huso is the author behind one of my favorite debut/books of the last years, The Last Page (my review here).  The novel was the first part of a duology and we will be able to read the ending in Black Bottle which will be released in August.

Meanwhile, the author decided to write some tie-ins in the form of short stories in e-book format that he is publishing himself.  The first of those, at only 0.99$ is called Box of Devotions and is available since April 21st.

Since it's a short, I'll try to put up a review this week.

Here's what the author had to say about it.

I wanted to do some tie-ins with the novels and this is the first of a few digital manifestations.  Behold, a short story I call Box of Devotions.  You can get it now on your Kindle or (with the FREE Kindle app) on your iDevice.
Box of Devotions is set in the same world as The Last Page and Black Bottle – it takes place in Stonehold’s capitol.  Seen through the eyes of a young thug whose street name is Roach, the story offers a glimpse of the fallout that takes place in the streets of Isca City after events in the the first book.  It also provides an easter-egg-sort-of-insight into a mysterious occurrence that happens in Black Bottle (coming out this august from Tor).  I got the idea for the story as a kind of whimsical albeit very dark take on the archetypal knight’s quest wherein the hero (or anti-hero) discovers a treasure, secures a magical weapon, follows a spiritual vision and ultimately struggles in mortal combat to defend his lady’s honor — though I dare say it’s not the old bromide. 
This is my first time tinkering with direct publishing.  I thought it might be fun.  And it fulfills my desire to provide a tie-in directly to readers on my own terms.  I do hope you enjoy it.  It’s a quick read, perfect for just before sleepy time.


Doug M. said...

This is fantastic! I don't know how I missed it... but thanks for bringing to my attention.

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