New Spring ebook cover art

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 posted the latest cover art for the e-book edition of the novel New Spring by Robert Jordan, originnaly released in 2004 (1998 for the novella) and recounting the story of how Moraine and Lan met.

Great artists were chosen to illustrate the different ebooks of the series and this time Irene Gallo worked with Jason Chan. Chan is behind many book covers and his work was seen lately on the cover of The Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (or will be since the book is not yet released). His illustration for New Spring looks really good in my opinion. Here's what Irene had to say about the scene chosen :
When it came to scenes to depict, it seemed natural to revisit Moiriane and Lan. New Spring is their story before Rand’s begins. Jason chose to express a quiet and contemplative moment. The early spring blossoms suggest changes about to occur, yet it is still cold. It is a heavy moment. The weight of their mission is just starting to take over youthful abandon.
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Cameron Harris said...

Though I did not enjoy New Spring, the cover art is gorgeous.

Ghost said...

It seem a lot like the current ongoing comics books for "The Eye of The World". Wonder if the artist is the same guy?

Mark Lawrence said...

Isn't Martin Lawrence that actor from 'Bad Boys' & 'Bad Boys II'?

Phil said...

Mark! thanks man, sorry for the typo! :)

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