Kick ass moment #4

Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Well, who cares what you think, anyway?'
'So where is he now?'
'Pust? Back in the temple, poring through the archives of the Book of Shadows.'
'Looking for what?'
'Some provision, any provision, for a High Priest of Shadow having two wives.'
'Is there one?'
'How should I know?'
'Well,' Cotillion said, 'didn't you write it?'
Shadowthrone would not answer.
Cotillion's brows rose. 'Not Pust! The Book of Shadows, where he's ploclaimed the Magus of High House Shadow?'
'It's called delegation', Shadowthrone snapped.
'It's called idiocy.'
'Well, hee hee. I dare say he'll find what he's looking for, won't he?'
'Aye, with the ink still wet.'

Steven Erikson - Toll the Hounds - The Malazan book of the fallen

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