A Round of Covers

Sunday, May 10, 2015

First up is the cover for the third and final book in Brian Staveley's trilogy, the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, The Last Mortal Bond (Tor and it's also the title reveal...). The talented Richard Anderson is again behind the work and created a great illustration including a kettral bird! Nice cover art!


Next is a contender for my "Best cover art with an infamous hooded assassin" of the year (Cormick previous book won last year), The Floating City by Craig Cormick (Angry Robot Books). Why not go for three hooded figures instead of one!


Next is another work by Richard Anderson. It was revealed some time ago but I didn't share at the time (maybe the title alone put me off...). Here's another nice looking cover art for Victor Milan's The Dinosaur Lords!


Finally, why not conclude with a Unicorn (kind of...)! Here's the cover for A.F.E Smith debut Fantasy novel, Darkhaven. I like the illustration and colors but I hope that a Pegasus with a horn is included in the book since it would have looked better without the horn...


What do you think of this round?


IronWright Books said...

Yes, I can safely say that the pegasus has a horn in the book :-)

I LOVE the Staveley cover. The way it uses splashes of red to pick out key parts of the illustration is amazing.

(BTW, I hope you don't mind me popping up on your blog. Like many an evil sorcerer, I show up when you say my name.)

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