K.J. Parker identity reveal

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We now know officially the identity of renowned Fantasy author K.J. Parker, who wrote with this pseudonym since 1998. Parker's real name is Tom Holt, the British writer. Pornokitsch posted the news with the consent of Orbit books today.

Holt wrote the following books under the pseudonym (and some short fiction):

The Fencer trilogy
Colours in the Steel (1998)
The Belly of the Bow (1999)
The Proof House (2000)

The Scavenger trilogy
Shadow (2001)
Pattern (2002)
Memory (2003)

The Engineer trilogy
Devices and Desires (2005)
Evil for Evil (2006)
The Escapement (2007)

Other novels
The Company (2008)
The Folding Knife (2010)
The Hammer (2011)
Sharps (2012)
The Two of Swords, serialized novel (April 2015)
Savages (July 2015)

As you can see, The Two of Swords will be serialized in three novels, available now.

Do you care about K.J. Parker real identity?

Have you read some of Tom Holt books?


Anonymous said...

I guess I was a teeny bit curious as to Parker's identity only because I've seen his books discussed on the internet over the years.

I attempted Shadow years ago and didn't get far. That's it.

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