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Friday, July 11, 2014

Brian Ruckley,  the author of the Winterbrith saga (my review of Winterbirth here) has a new book coming up... eventually... (Amazon list it as October 2014) and a new cover art for The Free surfaced on Amazon. A 'not final' cover was  unveiled last year and I liked it better, the lettering on the new one is kind of awful isn't it?

A warrior of legend. A warrior to be feared. 
The famed Yulan is leader of The Free, the last remaining band of mercenaries in the Hommetic Kingdom. Feared and revered, they were once seen as a threat to the Hommetic Kingdom's power -- until they outlasted it in the course of a bloody rebellion. 
With the oppressive monarch overthrown, The Free plan to finally lay down their weapons, hoping for a chance of peace at last -- until Yulan is offered one final contract that he is unable to refuse. The target is the very man responsible for the worst atrocity Yulan has ever witnessed, one that has haunted him ever since. And now is his last chance to right that wrong.
But as Yulan and his companions embark on their last journey, a potent mix of vengeance, love and loyalty is building to a storm. It is a storm so violent it is likely to destroy the last of the free companies. And only then will they discover the true price of freedom.

Sam Sykes posted a new cover art for his latest book, The City Stained Red.  This is a new evolution of the cover for the trade paperback edition of the book. You can also take a look at the previous iteration and the hardcover edition.

I have read the first book in the Moontide Quartet by David Hair (my review of Mage's Blood) and found it quite interesting.  I still haven't picked up the follow-up, Scarlet Tides but I intend to do so.  Here's the cover for the third novel in the series, Unholy War.


Finally but not the least, here's the very nice cover art for the Subterranean Press limited edition of Joe Abercrombie's latest YA oriented story, Half A King. Gorgeous.


Unknown said...

Is that cover for Half a King for a paperback? I'd love to get it in hardcover.

Civilian Reader said...

Half a King cover is the limited edition from Subterranean, I believe.
The letter on the new cover for "The Free" looks like slapdash graffiti... Needs to be less garish, but smaller.

Fantasist said...

Awesome cover art for Half a King!e Makes me wanna read the book. Even though I had decided to give it a pass.

Favori Fantasy said...

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