A Round of Covers

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The US cover art for Joe Abercrombie's second "YA" oriented novel, Half the World has been revealed. It's kind of.... special... it will catch the eye but it probably won't be showing up face first in our bookshelves... If you don't remember, here's the US and UK covers for the previous entry, Half a King.

What do you think?


Next is the UK cover for Django Wexler's upcoming The Shadow Throne (the second one is the previously unveiled US cover art).  I think I prefer the UK art but the face of the masked man... ouch, really not sure about that... it seems off...

Which one do you prefer?


Finally for this round, Orbit UK will be releasing new paperback editions of the whole Wheel of Time series and even if the new covers aren't as inspired as the e-book art from 2010 (over here if you want to see them again), they look nice.  Here's the link for Orbit's page.


Antonakis said...

I think the cover for Half the World is amazing! Gread idea and execution!
On the contrary, the covers for Wheel of Time look very boring, uninspiring and lazy in execution. Those are not covers that can draw attention, get a new reader passionate or curious about the book or even stand out in a bookshop. Big fail there in my opinion.

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