Anthony Huso's next book

Monday, February 24, 2014

Anthony Huso, author of the duology including The Last Page and Black Bottle (the first being a masterpiece in my opinion and the follow-up a letdown), posted an update on his writing back at his page. The firsts draft of his next book, Bone Radio is done.  There's still no synopsis and at 64k words, it's quite a short novel, not a novella or a short but far from lengthy.

Good news, hope to read it soon.


Unknown said...

Gawd dayum that is an awesome looking cover. I've heard (or rather read) Huso's name come up a lot in fantasy circles for a while now, but I've yet to read any of his stuff. In my defense, I keep confusing him with the kid's book author of Hugo... and I know that doesn't make any sense because the name of the actual author isn't anywhere close.

sbp said...

Agreed. The Last Page was an enjoyable, solid read. The Black Bottle went off the rails to become a real mess.

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