The Unholy Consult is done

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fans of R. Scott Bakker rejoice, the final piece of the Aspect Emperor trilogy, The Unholy Consult, follow-up to The White-Luck Warrior released on May 2011, is done (the first draft at least).  Mr. Bakker posted the news last week on his blog, Three Pound Brain. There's still no blurb for the book and the projected release date of July 2014 is now unlikely (with the editing process).
So I finished the first draft of The Unholy Consult 3:14 pm, yesterday afternoon. Things are feeling kinda surreal – it’s been a helluva long haul, man! There’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done. I have exhaustive rewrites planned for a couple of the plot-lines – about a quarter of the book all told. But for whatever reason I became insanely meticulous fleshing out the master plot, and even though it remains uber-generic all the way down, I’m pretty sure nothing like it has been written before.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I don’t know. The best I can do is take it to the limit of my abilities and nothing more.
And from the comments: 
It is almost exactly 300 000 words as it stands. 
Yes, but I can’t really comment on them. TUC wraps all the arcs established through the series thus far – brings me to the end of my original story idea, way back when. If I were to keel over tomorrow, the mortician would have to use forceps and wire to wipe the shit-eating grin from my face.
That's 100 000 more words than The Warrior Prophet and The White-Luck Warrior.  


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