Words of Radiance cover

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tor.com unveiled today the cover art for the second Stormlight Archive book by Brandon Sanderson, the follow-up to The Way of Kings (my review), Words of Radiance.

Michael Whelan, for the second time, is the artist behind the work.  The style is the same as the first book with two figures (on the complete illustration) facing each other.  This time though, the one on  the cover is closer and I'm not a big fan of how it ended up. I think that the complete illustration would have been a better choice.  Still, at least it's distinctive for the series in relation to WoK... and Kaladin vs Szeth!!! Nice :)


Tom Lloyd said...

yeah, the completed picture is certainly better, still not great though. The actual cover just feels they're aiming for out-dated, middle-of-the-road fantasy that confirms the assumptions of people who look down on the genre.

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