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Monday, May 13, 2013

First, a quick return on the last poll.  I experienced some problems with it as it kept resetting over and over again.  At least, I noticed a trend and for the question "Would you help fund a novel on Kickstarter?", a large majority of you answered with a Yes.  From the comments, it's clear that everyone seems to find the idea interesting but I don't think that many readers would actually fund a novel from an unknown author, at least not with enough pledge to really help them.  Seems like it won't be a revolution in book publishing.


For the next subject of my poll, I have to thanks two people for the idea.  First is the guys at The Fantasy Tavern who shared the pic posted above and secondly, my good friend and personal test reader for the books on my reading pile, who told me about this concept several times.

Some years ago, I posted a poll about simultaneous reading.  Almost a third of those who answered said that they read two or three books at a time while half of the respondents said one at a time.  My new question is probably directed more at the later since it's about that book hangover feeling.  I think that if you are actually able to read two or three books at the same time, you probably don't feel that way at all.

I admit that I felt like that in many instances.  One thing I noticed when thinking about it was that I never start a new novel right after I finish one.  I always give it some time, even if it may only be some hours.  I don't really do it on purpose, it's probably that book hangover feeling, there's a kind of mourning period that I have to go through. Somehow, it doesn't apply to the audiobooks I'm listening to while I'm reading a different physical novel...

Book hangovers could also refer to the loss of sleep or such when you can't put down a book and you wake  up in a sorry state for it but in the case of this poll, let's stay with the feeling left by the previous book.

In the case of a series, I think it would be easier to pick up the next book right away, but with so many books to read, it's not often that I get the chance, or I should rather say give myself the chance to pick up follow-ups right away.

So, what about you?  What's your experience like when you finish a book? Do you have book hangovers?

- Yes
- No


Bob/Sally said...

I definitely go through book hangovers, especially if I *really* liked something. It can sometimes take me a few days and a dozen false-starts of a dozen different novels to find something else I *want* to read.

Sometimes it's because I feel the need to read something completely different, and sometimes nothing else seems like it can compare.

Anonymous said...

I've always called it "post book depression" but I've never really been able to figure out the criteria for what triggers it.
I think it has to do with how emotionally attached I get to characters in a given book and not necessarily how much I enjoyed the book.

It usually causes me to be uninterested in starting a new book but much of the time I'll force myself to start a new book as a means to get over it faster.

Anonymous said...

If the book was good, I totally have book hangovers. To the point where I have, in the past, just started reading the book over again right after I finished it, just so that I didn't have to leave the world behind.

On the other hand, sometimes even if a book is good and I want to continue to the sequel, I make myself put the series aside for a little while, to avoid giving myself a one-world overload. I think this comes on the heels of finding too many series with Second Book Syndrome...

Tom Lloyd said...

Oh hell yes - most recently Lions of Al Rassan where I was in a daze for a couple of days as I came to terms with not reading it any more...

XoReMuS said...

I'm one of those that fit into "Reading 2-3 books at a time" but it's usually a several book science fic series + a several book fantasy series at the same time. In both cases i suffer fro the so called hangover but only at the end of a multiple book series not usually stand alone novels.

Jack said...

I get series hangovers, because I usually don't read stand alone books. Ill go through a 3-5 book series insanely quick, book after book, until I get to the last one, then I start slowing down on the reading progress.

Currently reading the World of Warcraft series.

Favorite series was The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowsk, which I would advise any Fantasy lover to read. Its a polish book series 2 book sout in America the rest can be found as fan translations @

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