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Monday, April 8, 2013

The topic of the last poll was magic systems.  Not really the 'type' of magic system but the way the authors choose to present them.  The question was What's your preference for a magic system?. Two answers were more popular and the poll ended up in a tie.  'Clear explanations with rules and boundaries' and 'A system shrouded in mystery' each received 42% of the votes.

Even if I know that you can't please everyone, I would have thought that one writing style for the magic system presentation would have stood out. The answers probably show only preferences but it's kind of a good news for the authors, you have even chances to please at least half the readers whether you go all-out with your magic system explanation or if you choose to unravel it subtly. Presumably, it's telling us that the most important aspect of it may not be the form but it's originality, the skill with witch it's integrated without regard for the way it's presented and more importantly, it must be backed with compelling characters in a gripping tale.


My next inquiry is a simple one.  Three weeks ago, I wrote a post about two Kickstarter by already known and published Fantasy authors (Michael J. Sullivan and Bradley P. Beaulieu).  Since then, the Kickstarter for Sullivan's book, Hollow World ended and the result is more than satisfying for the author. Michael got $30,000 for his project, meaning that:
In the category of Fiction, Hollow World is now #10 for all fiction projects and #1 as far as funding for a single novel (other projects ahead of it are for anthologies, books with RPG games, interactive books, and even the money to fund the creation of a publishing company.
As I wrote before, it must be a bit easier for a known author to get some press, mostly with the help of social media and fellow authors helping with little pushes here and there.  I have contributed to both the project I presented earlier since they both appealed to me.  With the recent events with Night Shade Books, and with so many writers trying to be published (Sullivan endeavor in this is quite the story), I think that this new avenue ought to be an interesting prospect.

The difficulties however will probably be the same as it is with publishing in general. Hopefully, many aspiring authors will find a way to attract our attention through this method, but they ought to be quite creative.

What about you fellow readers?  Would you be interested in pledging money for a book showing some potential on a public funding platform? Do you think there is a future in this particular branch of funding? I'd like to hear you out in the comments.

As for the poll:

Would you help fund a novel on Kickstarter?

- Yes
- No


Cursed Armada said...

A big Hell yes from me...

Anonymous said...

I supported both projects but as you mentioned the problem is getting attention for your project.

bloggeratf said...

I haven't yet but I would. The author would have to have some history though, something that they had written that I already liked. I honestly don't see myself forking over the cash for a total unknown. Free chapters are a good way to get around that.

Ghost said...

Personally, I'm not against the idea of Kickstarter but I forsee a big problem for novels. The issue is how can I be sure I'll be able to get my hands on a copy of the book? Novels are different from games. You can digitally download games but for books, I much prefer having something in my hand. E-books are not for me. Distribution will be a problem for books on Kickstarter. You are basically donating to a project without a publishing or distribution deal. Right now, it is 5 to 1 in the poll for supporting projects on Kickstarter. That 1 belongs to me and this is my reason.

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