Title revealed for Sanderson's Stormlight book 2

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tor.com posted the news for the title of the follow-up to The Way of Kings (my review), Words of Radiance, the second novel in the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. While this information is no big deal, Sanderson didn't simply reveal the title, he also explains why is the book called so and offer some tidbits about the whole series. Here's a glimpse:

One of my goals for the Stormlight Archive, which you may have heard me discuss, is to focus each book on a specific character through a series of flashbacks. In a large series like this (the Stormlight Archive is two five-book sequences), it can be difficult to give each volume its own identity. By devoting a sequence of flashbacks in each book to a specific character, I can better separate the volumes in my mind—and therefore make them more distinctive to readers. 
(By the way, the fact that Book Three will be Szeth’s book and Book Five Dalinar’s should not lead you to relax and take for granted that they will survive until those books. They might indeed; but I decided early on in the plotting that I was fine with having a flashback sequence at any point for a character who had died in a previous book. Just saying...) 
The Way of Kings was Kaladin’s book. He will have a lot to do in Book Two, of course, and you can expect some great sequences within his viewpoint. However, the flashback sequences in Book Two belong to Shallan. In my notes for the series, I had planned for Shallan’s book to be named after the tome she is given at the end of the first novel: The Book of Endless Pages. On Roshar, that is a book of knowledge that can never be completed—because people should always be learning, studying, and adding what they’ve learned to it.


Anonymous said...

Well, that took an 180 turn, last i head the second book was supposed to be called High Prince of War and feature Dalinar, now he will be featured in book 5 ... lessens my excitement for the book :(

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