Maps you say?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Back in 2009 when I started the blog, I created an index for the Fantasy maps of the books I was reading, mostly to have them in easy reach when I wanted to consult them. Eventually, I found out that this index was more popular than I anticipated.  When I posted a poll about maps, eight out of ten of the respondents answered with a yes.

I never claimed that the index would ever be complete but judging by the recent wave of interest in my map index, it seems that I can put more time into it and make it more thorough.  Saladin Ahmed and Blake Charlton twitted about the index, Aidan at A Dribble of Ink posted an aside about it, Tor linked it on Facebook and io9 talked about it with a "This is awesome" label.

So, even if some comments were a bit dubious (the 'no female authors'... which is just a happenstance, not voluntary... and the incompleteness of it...), I will take some of them into consideration and I will add more maps to the index, including the various list of female authors that io9 user falseprophecy offered.  I will keep you updated as I always do when I discover new maps of interest.

If you doubt my love of them, here's what I'm looking at when I write a post:

If you have some suggestions feel free to speak up!


Unknown said...

for your consideration - Kelly McCullough's "Fallen Blade" series

(says the slightly biased mapmaker)

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