A Memory of Light is out

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's time to finish the grand Wheel of Time saga!  Some interesting reviews are already out (like Adam's at The Wertzone) and it looks more and more promising. I have listened to many of Jordan's books instead of reading them, but I read the physical copies of the last two of them... still not sure if I'll pick up the audiobook.

Do you have it in your hand already?  If I judge your answer by the last poll...
Will you read A Memory of Light
  • The day it's released - 52 %
  • Sometimes when I feel like it - 21 %
  • I walked away from WoT - 18 %
  • A Memory of what? - 4 %
  • Over my dead body - 2 %

... it looks like half of you are already at it!!!


Kevin S. said...

I have it and have read most of the prologue (I decided not to read the free prologue e-book so the whole thing would be fresh for me).

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