Gaming digression - Diablo III is out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's been quite a while since I shared about my gaming habits.  However, I have been gaming a lot in the last year (or years... well, for as long as I can remember).  Recently, aside from some Angry Birds time passing, I tackled these:

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning : a big deception.  The game is way too generic and the numerous (or maybe I should say gigantic number of) side quests quickly got boring and redundant.  Since I didn't feel much connection with the main story, I eventually put it aside.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: nice but not great.  I enjoyed parts of the first Final Fantasy XIII and the follow-up was probably made mostly to cash in on the huge development costs but at least, they listened to the comments and frustrations from the fans and they made it better, less linear and slightly more in the spirit of the past games. It's still far from the best of the series but it's a commendable attempt.

Legend of Grimrock: now that's what nostalgic gaming is all about.  If you have played games like Lands of Lore or Eye of the Beholder in the past, Grimrock is for you.  I'm not sure what players who haven't played them in the past will think of it but for me, it was a fun ride through the dungeons with all the elements that made the games of old interesting with updated graphics but the same kind of gameplay!

Skyrim: so many hours of pure bliss while killing dragons. I played it on the PS3 and I admit that I had some of those lag problems.  However, they were not worst enough to diminish my gaming experience.  The 80 hours or so of Skyrim I put up were a blast for the RPG fan in me.  Eventually, I tired of the side quests but my thirst for sword clashing and spell casting in a wondrous open world was more than satisfied.

Hero Academy: if you have an iOS device and like strategy, you have to get this game.  It's turn-based over the internet.  I can't stop checking my games to see if someone else has played.  By the way, my username is Psyrake if you want to try me!

I could also talk about Assassin's Creed and Uncharted 3 but let's keep it at that for now.  I think I should put up full posts from time to time when I'll play a game worth talking about in the future.


And now, for the main attraction, the game to eclipse them all this year, the game we have been waiting for for so long, Diablo 3.  I started playing today, when the servers went back up and so far so very good.  I'll get back to you about it when I have put more time into it but it looks more than promising.

Are you also playing? Which class did you pick (I started with the monk...)?

Not sure yet?  Check this out:


Stefan (Far Beyond Reality) said...

Yep, I'm playing Diablo 3 too. I always start out playing wizards in these types of games, so that's what I did here too: mine is level 8 right now. The servers are down more than up, so I haven't had the chance to play much, but so far I think the game looks gorgeous. I hope they'll iron out the kinks with the servers at some point, because not even being able to play singleplayer offline right now is a bit annoying, to put it mildly...

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah i have been playing, since i got from work till 2 in the morning, same thing is going to happen today probably :)

Yiota said...

FF rocks ^^

Well i never played Diablo, and i don't play the new one either since i'm trying to stay away from games. Already spending enough money on books and Magic The Gathering sooo...

I was at the midnight release event here though, and i bought a Demon hunter mousepad (it's so perfect) and got myself some postcards and a two-sided poster :p

But i see you played no matter, the fact the servers have problem. Lucky you!!! Still have fun :D Some of friends are playing already too....they are in a complete different world. LOl

Rob said...

I've been playing Witch Doctor, as I found it extremely satisfying to thow jars of spiders at people during the beta.

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