Diablo 3 and The Way of Kings

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wondering where I'm heading with this title for the post?

What could be the relation between Diablo 3 and Sanderson's novel?

While playing Diablo 3, I eventually got to the Desolate Sands in the Act II.  At first glance, the ground looked like any salt desert but then I saw the cracks and ravines.  It may not be an amazing discovery, but even if the cracks aren't as deep as those depicted in The Way of Kings, the feeling I got was a close representation of what I had in mind when reading about the Shattered Plains. Sadly, my Monk isn't wearing a shardplate and I'm not fighting some Parchendi but I could imagine it easily! Anyone else agree with me? :)


Stefan (Far Beyond Reality) said...

Good catch, hadn't thought of that connection but now you mention it, it's does look similar. I just completed the game for the first time yesterday with my wizard and am now torn between going straight into nightmare mode or starting a new character.

Unknown said...

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