New Game of Thrones characters pics

Friday, February 10, 2012

The season 2 of Game of Thrones is drawing ever closer, although this time it's the spring that is coming :)... Speaking of which, I stumbled on a post at io9 where you can find several pics from new characters appearing for the first time in the second season.  Here's the link and three of the new ones that I found most interesting. As for Davos and Mellisandre, I think they both fit my expectations, but for Brienne and Stannis I had another vision in mind... anyway that's not really important, I'm pretty sure they'll be just fine!



Stannis and Mellisandre


Unknown said...

I am so pumped for the return of this show. I can't wait for it.

Dom said...

The maid of Tart isn't half as bad looking as I thought she would..And Melissandre isn't as sultry as I expected her to be.. I always pictured in a scarlett red dress..Being colorblind, that dress is pretty much brown to me..

I do like the rugged looks of the male characters.

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