Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a quick post to talk about some updates I did on the blog.

First of all, at the end of the Reviews index, I added a list of scores for novels for which I can't write a full review right now.  Those are the books I read too long ago.  Since it's not everyone who is on Goodreads and can take a look at the score I would have given those books, I thought that it was a good place to put them.  It can give you some insight on my taste.  I hope to complete it later.

Secondly, the Maps index has been change to show the links directly on the name of the maps.  The full link were displayed before, which was looking kind of weird.

Then, I removed Walker of Worlds from the Blog list since Mark isn't blogging anymore, that's sad but understandable.  To refresh the list, I added Floor to Ceiling, Civilian Reader and The Fantasy Bookshelf.

The Share buttons are now visible on the posts! Happy sharing!

Finally, I added a"spoiler alert" to one of my Kick ass moments.  Because... it may contain spoilers :)


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