Scott Lynch's Republic of Thieves release date

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UPDATE #2 (January 15 2012) : It's gonna be Autumn 2012, look here!

UPDATE : Ok, an erratum. Seems that the post from Tor is in error. The book as been pushed back to October or November from what I gather from other sources. Thanks to Adam (Wertzone) for posting a comment at and to Twitter for more "accurate" information :) Sorry guys, false alarm on my part, at least I will have more time for RSURS!

In my post about the big titles of 2011, I mentioned that The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch was still without an official release date. Well I made an error... or at least, this went under the radar. Up until today, when I read this post on about the February releases, I wasn't aware that the book will be out in UK, directly from Gollancz (March in Canada). I'm not sure why I didn't read about this earlier but you are now informed as I am (if that was not actually the case). I'm curious as to why there's still no reviews...

Anyway, good news, although I will have to put Red Seas Under Red Skies at the top of my to-read list now that the sequel is near (wasn't expecting this). I know some were disappointed with the second opus in the Gentleman Bastard sequence in comparison with the first adventures of Locke Lamora but I still maintain high hopes for the young author.

The official date for the UK release of the hardback edition as well as the e-book version is February 17.


Bryce L. said...

I've been saving Red Seas for this moment as well. :)

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