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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It was already a fact that Brandon Sanderson writes a lot. While he gave in the last few years the Mistborn trilogy, Warbreaker, two Wheel of Time books, the first Stormlight Archives novel and some YA novelization, he was currently working on Memory of Light, the last Wheel of Time book and eventually the follow-up to The Way of Kings.

Well it's still not enough words written for the prolific (we have to find a new adjective for him) author. Tor announced that they signed a deal for a fourth Mistborn novel and a new stand alone project, The Rithmatist.

I'm actually really glad for this announcement. I liked all the works of Sanderson I've read so far (still some on my to-read list though).

As for the Mistborn novel, it's actually a stand alone book in the same world but set in a more modern setting. The title of the book is The Alloy of Law and will be published in late 2011.

Let Tor explain The Rithmatist :
Set in an alternate-history America where magic users (called “Rithmatists”) battle wild chalk creatures, The Rithmatist introduces Joel, a student at the Rithmatist academy with great interest in but no ability to use the magic. But when students start vanishing, it’s up to him to expose the sinister figure behind the disappearances.


Phillip H. Tang said...

I've actually never read a Brandon Sanderson book yet other than his collaborative work on Wheel of Time. Where would you suggest I start?

Anonymous said...

Love Sanderson, have read everything by him except the Alkatraz series, wish some other authors would write half as much, nice to see we will have a 2011 book even tho i wasn't expecting one, he writes like a maniac

@Philip: if you want something standalone: Warbreaker and Elantris

a trilogy: Mistborn

and the begining of an epic fantasy: The way of Kings (only 1 book of a planed 10 are out)

imo Mistborn > Warbreaker > way of kings > elantris ... at least for now

Phil said...

@Phillip : I would agree almost completely with anonymous, that picking order for Sanderson work seems fine, although I still haven't read Warbreaker...

The almost part was that I think you could read Elantris before Way of Kings, moreover since WoK is the sole book out yet in a huge series...

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