Round of covers

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I missed a couple of titles in last weeks but I'll catch up with this post. The blogosphere has been full of new covers and without further comments, let's get to it.


Let's start with my personal favorite fantasy artist in the last years, Kekai Kotaki. One of his work came up with the release of Peter Orullian short story, Sacrifice of the First Sheason (a tale set in the same world as the coming-up title The Unremembered). posted the story here. Here's Ketai work :

Next up is some of the artist recent covers, mostly for D&D books. I particularly like the "steel" dragon for Misericorde :


The next one was unveiled first by Mihai at Dark Wolf's Fantasy review and it's again a tremendous work for a french release, Canticle by Ken Scholes. The artwork is by Marc Simonetti. I really ought to post my French cover exploration (I promised to do it when I finished by German covers explorations 1 and 2....). Here you go :


The Tor cover art for Ian C. Esslemont third Malazan novel, Stonewielder was already released. However, Pat at the Fantasy Hotlist posted the PS Publishing limited edition artwork by Edward Miller. I still prefer the one for Tor.


Finally but not the least, Sam Sykes' Black Halo "controversial" cover art (follow-up to Tome of the Undergates which I can't seem to keep on top of my reading list... soon, soon!). I put the word controversial but it's mostly in term of art style preference. As for myself, I found the cover for ToU to be kind of nice (although a bit too reminiscent of Drizzt or Geralt) and I think that the idea to come back with the same character is a good choice. However I'm not 100% sure I like the result... it's not bad and I could say that it's a kind of kick-ass fantasy cover art but there's something that nags at me. I think it's the fire, looks too much "photoshoply perfect" for me. At least it got people talking! Anyway, here it is and thanks to Mad Hatter and Amanda at Floor to ceiling books for the heads up.


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