El camino de las sombras

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The infamous hooded assassin cover art design strikes again! This time, it's the Spanish cover for The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. In fact, on the full cover pic, you can take a look at the whole Night Angel trilogy covers. Even though I put the adjective infamous in my first statement, it's not a criticism since I actually like the art style. It may have been more fitting for a video game but it's an assassin novel and it looks bad ass!

The cover was posted by Brent himself here.


Showtyme said...

I like it. It sometimes bothers me when peolpe criticize the "hooded assassin" cover arts, especially the Brent Weeks ones. The books are about hooded assassins, what else would you put on the cover?! The cover art is the entire reason I picked up the Brent Weeks books, and thank god for that cover art, because I loved the books. I think the Spanish covers are even better than the US ones.

Phil said...

I agree with you about the fact that if the books is about some hooded guys the cover should relate to it. However, and I will have to search a bit, I think I saw some "hooded assassin" covers on books without any hint of this type of character in the book... humm... trying to remember.

Anyway, I also think the Spanish covers are the best for Weeks novels so far.

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