Richard Morgan's The Dark Commands news

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks to Adam at The Wertzone, we have news from Richard Morgan about his next book. Adam posted (here) the link to a thread on the Westeros forum where Richard gave us an update about his next novel, The Dark Commands, book two of A Land Fit for Heroes series.

The manuscript is not finished so the book will not be released in the near future. As I posted a while ago (here), he's currently working as a consultant on some video games. The most interesting tidbit about Richard post is that the book will be bigger than The Steel Remains.

The US cover for the book was posted by James at Speculative Horizons and Adam added the link to the art for the UK cover (by Jon Sullivan). Here they are (first one is US and the second one UK) :

Kudos to Adam and the guys at Westeros!


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