Towers of Midnight ebook cover art

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Towers of Midnight gorgeous cover art was posted today by Irene Gallo at (latest of the new ebooks of The Wheel of Time). The cover was done by Raymond Swanland (his page here). Recently, his illustrations were often seen as the cover art of the many Black Company omnibuses. Great artist!

Even though I like the work, it's not the way I imagined Perrin. However, for this title again, the choice of scene to be depicted is a success. Here's a glimpse of what the artist has to say about it (head on to Tor for the rest) :

As Jason said, “I knew when I read the scene what had to go on the ebook cover.... It was an iconic moment for Perrin, and a chance to showcase everything that makes him the character we love.” Leigh was in complete agreement, “It was wonderful, not only for the inherent coolness of the act itself, but for what it symbolized, which was Perrin, at long goddamn last, finally accepting who and what he was.... it was one of the coolest things to ever happen in the series.”

Clearly it struck an emotional chord in fans of the series and I knew it would be a great visual...but so close to the end of the series, I was hoping to showcase Rand. And there are awesome Rand battle scenes in this book! But no matter how many people I asked, including all of the WoT community on, everyone kept mentioning this scene. Clearly Jason and Leigh knew what they were talking about. As always.

So, Perrin it would be.

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Ghost said...

I think it has to go under "Artistic expression." Great picture, much better than the crap cover on the book.

ibeeeg said...

I really love these eBook covers for Wot. I think they speak better to the journey this series takes us on. It is a shame that the print books do have covers such as these.

By the way, found your blog on a search to figure out if I could geographically place The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms' setting. Do you have any clue?

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