Confirmed title for 2011 : Durham's Acacia 3

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

David Anthony Durham, author of the Acacia trilogy, came by the blog recently. I asked him if there was some news about the third novel in the trilogy. He wrote that it was almost finished and that it was scheduled so far for a Fall 2011 release. Well good news folks, he posted on his blog that the books is finished :
I should tell you something...

It's about Acacia 3...

Yesterday was my deadline for submitting the finished manuscript to my editor. It's now fair for you to ask me if... I... actually... finished... the... damn... thing...

My answer...


(Did you hear that? I kinda whispered it. I'll try again...)


(Did I just say that? I'm giving myself goosebumps...)


It's done.


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