The Heroes new extract

Friday, September 3, 2010

Joe Abercrombie posted a new extract on his blog for The Heroes. The first one featured Corporal Tunny (here) and this time we follow several southerners facing the northmen army. Here's the link to the extract and a small glimpse :
Captain Lasmark thrashed through the barley at something between a brisk walk and a jog, the ninth company of the Rostod Regiment following him as best they could, dispatched towards Osrung with the ill-defined order to “get at the enemy!” still ringing in their ears.

The enemy were before them now, alright. Lasmark could see scaling ladders against the mossy logs of the town’s fence. He could see missiles flitting up and down. He could see standards flapping in the wind, a ragged black one over all the rest, the standard of Black Dow himself, the Northern scouts had said. That was when General Jalenhorm had given the order to advance, and made it abundantly clear nothing would change his mind.

Lasmark turned, hoping he wouldn’t trip and catch a mouthful of barley, and urged his men forward with what he hoped was a soldierly jerk of his hand.

“On! On! To the town!”

Everyone knew General Jalenhorm was prone to poorly considered orders, but saying so would have been most unbecoming. Usually officers quietly ignored him where possible and creatively interpreted him where not. But there was no room for interpretation in a direct order to attack.

“Steady men, keep even!”


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