The Broken Kingdoms first chapter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

N.K. Jemisin posted today on her blog (Epiphany 2.0) the first chapter of her upcoming novel The Broken Kingdoms, book 2 of the Inheritance trilogy. The 100th Kingdoms was released earlier this year (my review here) and the follow-up is due out on November 3rd.

Here's the link to the first chapter but note that the author beware of spoilers.

A small glimpse?

I remember that it was midmorning.

Gardening was my favorite task of the day. I’d had to fight for it, because my mother’s terraces were famous throughout the territory and she didn’t quite trust me with them. I couldn’t really blame her; my father still laughed over whatever I’d done to the laundry that one time I tried.

“Oree,” she would say, whenever I sought to prove my independence, “it’s all right to need help. All of us have things we can’t do alone.”

Gardening, however, was not one of those things. It was the weeding that my mother feared, because many of the weeds that grew in Nimaro were similar in form to her most prized herbs. Fakefern had a fan-shaped frond just like sweet ire; running may was spiky and stung the fingers, same as ocherine. But the weeds and the herbs didn’t smell anything alike, so I never understood why she had such trouble with them. On the rare occasions that both scent and feel stumped me, all I had to do was touch a leaf-edge to my lips, or brush my hand through the leaves to hear the way they settled into place, and I would know. Eventually Mama had to admit that I hadn’t tossed out a single good plant all season. I was planning to ask for my own terrace the following year.

I usually lost myself in the gardens for hours, but one morning something was different. I noticed it almost the moment I left the house: a strange, tinny flatness to the air. A pent-breath tension. By the time the storms began, I had forgotten the weeds and sat up, instinctively orienting on the sky.

And I could see.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I'm really excited to read this one as well... :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thanks for the link. I think I am going to wait though. I am going to want to read more and not be able to if I start reading now. Can't wait for it though.

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