Happy Birthday A Fantasy Reader

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fantasy Reader is one year old!!! On April 15th 2009 I started this great hobby and after 27 reviews so far, 127 posts and some kick ass moments, I'm still delighted to contribute to the fantasy literature blogosphere.

What is this meaning for the blog? Well as you can see I switched the template. The original Notebook template was great looking in my opinion, but I grew just a bit tired and I wanted to get better readability. I hope this sleeker theme will be appreciated. I'm really open to comments! I'm still working on some visual problems...

Aside from the obvious, I will clean up the list of labels. I think that this many labels is not very useful. I will reduce the list of labels (20 or so) to something like covers, polls, reviews, gaming digression, news, etc... I also want to add more kick ass moments to my list but only by reading new uncommon and funny scenes will I achieve that. The map index will continue to be updated and I will try to make more interviews, one not being a great number. I had a good start with Stephen Deas but aside from a little lack of time, the two following interviews I sent to authors were never answered... at least I'm still waiting.

Finally, I will update the blogroll, add a list of author website (with the help of a third column) and I may add my views about movies and more gaming disgressions if it turns out to be well received.

Thanks everyone!!!


Mad Hatter Review said...

Nice. We both started on the same day. Here's to one year down! **cheers**

Bryce L. said...

Congrats! Love the new look.

Anonymous said...

Grats and Happy Birthday, Fantasy Reader.

The Fantasizer said...

Better Readability????



Phil said...

Thanks everyone! :)

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