New maps - Chris Willrich's The Silk Map (and more!)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chris Willrich second novel, The Silk Map, following the adventures of Gaunt and Bone after the events of The Scroll of Years was released earlier this month (on May 6th to be precise). I was delighted to find out that a map of the lands visited by the heroes is included.

This beautiful map is the work of cartographer Rhys Davies.

You can now enjoy it electronically and it was added to the index!


I have already posted some maps from Rhys Davies but looking at his site, I found some of them that were missing from my index! Here they are:

A Guile of Dragons
James Enge


K.V. Johansen


The Bird of the River
Kage Baker


Blood and Iron
Jon Sprunk


The Tropic of Serpents
Marie Brennan


Wrath-Bearing Tree
James Enge


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