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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 6th is the date to remember if you want to do some book shopping in may!

Two debut authors are making a comeback with their second novel, Brian McClellan's The Crimson Campaign, the follow-up to Promise of Blood and Douglas Hulick's Sworn in Steel, the follow-up to Among Thieves. Can't wait to read those two!

What about you, what will you read in May?


The Crimson Campaign
The Powder Mage book 2
Brian McClellan
May 6th
'The hounds at our heels will soon know we are lions' Tamas's invasion of Kez ends in disaster when a Kez counter-offensive leaves him cut off behind enemy lines with only a fraction of his army, no supplies, and no hope of reinforcements. Drastically outnumbered and pursued by the enemy's best, he must lead his men on a reckless march through northern Kez to safety, and back over the mountains so that he can defend his country from an angry god. In Adro, Inspector Adamat only wants to rescue his wife. To do so he must track down and confront the evil Lord Vetas. He has questions for Vetas concerning his enigmatic master, but the answers might come too quickly. With Tamas and his powder cabal presumed dead, Taniel Two-shot finds himself alongside the god-chef Mihali as the last line of defence against Kresimir's advancing army. Tamas's generals bicker among themselves, the brigades lose ground every day beneath the Kez onslaught, and Kresimir wants the head of the man who shot him in the eye.

Sworn in Steel
Tales of the Kin book 2
Douglas Hulick
May 6th
It’s been three months since Drothe killed a legend, burned down a portion of the imperial capital, and unexpectedly elevated himself into the ranks of the criminal elite. Now, as the newest Gray Prince in the underworld, he’s learning just how good he used to have it. 
With barely the beginnings of an organization to his name, Drothe is already being called out by other Gray Princes. And to make matters worse, when one dies, all signs point to Drothe as wielding the knife. As members of the Kin begin choosing sides – mostly against him – for what looks to be another impending war, Drothe is approached by a man who not only has the solution to Drothe’s most pressing problem, but an offer of redemption. The only problem is the offer isn’t for him. 
Now Drothe finds himself on the way to the Despotate of Djan, the empire’s long-standing enemy, with an offer to make and a price on his head. And the grains of sand in the hour glass are running out, fast...

The Silk Map
Gaunt and Bone book 2
Chris Willrich
May 6th
At the end of The Scroll of Years, the poet Persimmon Gaunt and her husband, the thief Imago Bone, had saved their child from evil forces at the price of trapping him within a pocket dimension. Now they will attempt what seems impossible; they will seek a way to recover their son. Allied with Snow Pine, a scrappy bandit who's also lost her child to the Scroll of Years, Gaunt and Bone awaken the Great Sage, a monkeylike demigod of the East, currently trapped by vaster powers beneath a mountain. The Sage knows of a way to reach the Scroll -- but there is a price. The three must seek the world's greatest treasure and bring it back to him. They must find the worms of the alien Iron Moths, whose cocoons produce the wondrous material ironsilk. 
And so the rogues join a grand contest waged along three thousand miles of dangerous and alluring trade routes between East and West. For many parties have simultaneously uncovered fragments of the Silk Map, a document pointing the way toward a nest of the Iron Moths. Our heroes tangle with Western treasure hunters, a blind mystic warrior and his homicidal magic carpet, a nomad princess determined to rebuild her father's empire, and a secret society obsessed with guarding the lost paradise where the Moths are found -- even if paradise must be protected by murder.

The Pillars of Sand
Echoes of Empire book 3
Mark T. Barnes
May 20th
The epic conclusion of the Echoes of Empire trilogy. Prophecy declared that corrupt politician Corajidin would rule the Shrīanese Federation, even become its new Emperor?and sinister magic has helped him defy death in order to do it. But his victory is not assured, thanks to clashing rival factions that hinder any attempts to unify the nation. Though he has taken increasingly brutal measures to eliminate all obstacles in his path, the dark forces supporting him grow dangerously impatient. And the harder they press, the more drastic Corajidin's actions become. Soon, only his most powerful adversaries will stand in his way: Indris, the peerless swordsman and sorcerer who has long fought to end the Federation's bloody turmoil; and the warrior-poet Mari, Corajidin's own daughter and the woman Indris loves. Fate has torn them apart, forcing them into terrifying personal trials. But if Indris can bring to bear the devastating knowledge of the Pillars of Sand, and Mari can rise up as a rebel leader, Corajidin's enemies will rally?and the decisive battle for the soul and future of the Shrīanese will begin. This epic tale of intrigue, love, and betrayal, painted in the blood of allies and enemies by Mark T. Barnes, concludes the Echo of Empire trilogy that began with The Garden of Stones and The Obsidian Heart.

A Dance of Shadows
Shadowdance book 4
Orbit books release
David Dalglish
May 20th
"Prove that you can stand against the darkness and live." 
Haern is the King's Watcher, born an assassin only to become the city of Veldaren's protector against the thief guilds. 
When Lord Victor Kane attacks the city, determined to stamp out all corruption, foreign gangs pour in amidst the chaos in an attempt to overthrow the current lords of the underworld.
And when a mysterious killer known as the Widow begins mutilating thieves, paranoia engulfs the city. Haern knows someone is behind the turmoil, pulling strings. If he doesn't find out who -- and soon -- his beloved city will burn. 
Light or darkness: where will the line be drawn?



Anonymous said...

I believe that L. E. Modesitt Jr's next Saga of Recluse book is coming out May 20th, 2014 as well. "Cyador's Heirs". Will be 17th book in series.

Vinay said...

Skin Game, 15th book in The Dresden Files is also out on May 27th. Definitely looking forward to that

Unknown said...

I haven't read Promise of Blood or Among Thieves but I am definitely planning to, they sound like great books. :)

Phil said...

17th book in the series? My god! I have only read the first Imager book by Modesitt. It wasn't bad but I wasn't taken in enough to continue with the series.

The Gorgon said...

The quote on the powder mage book sounds like something Russel Crowe would say

John said...

I'm looking forward to :

“In Dark Service” by Stephen Hunt. May 15. Published by Gollancz.
"Veil of the Deserters" by Jeff Salyards.May 19.Published by Night Shade Books (ebook)
“The Severed Streets” by Paul Cornell. May 20. Published by Tor
“Tigerman” by Nick Harkaway .22 May.Published by Random House UK.
“The Way To Babylon” by Paul Kearney.May 27.Published by Solaris

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