A Round of Covers

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's cover round-up time!


Marc Simonetti, the french artist behind many great Fantasy covers in the last years strikes again with the french cover art for Le Fléau du Traître by Jeff Slayards (Scourge of the Betrayer). Thanks to Mihai at Dark Wolf's Fantasy review for the heads up.


Next is the cover art for Micheal R. Underwood's new Epic Fantasy, Shield and Crocus.  The artist is Stephan Martinière. I really like this one!


Raymond Swanland returns with his familiar style for the cover art of K.V. Johansen's The Lady. Always amazing, his work are! :)


Finally, Steve Stone is behind this new contender for my Best cover art with an infamous hooded assassin award!  He gives us a nice one for The Shadow Master by Craig Cormick.  Enjoy!


Luís said...

Hey there! Luis Melo here. I got here from my webpage's hit report.
Just wanted to let you know this isn't my artwork. Must have been a mistake. I did illustrate this cover:

It was released at roughly the same time, so maybe there was some kind of mix-up.

Anyway, great blog, very good covers here :)

Joel said...

I always enjoy your Round of Covers posts, although my TBR list enjoys it slightly less!! :) Have added Shield and Crocus and The Shadow Master to it now!!!

The Shield and Crocus blurb looks great, by the way, and if the worldbuilding lives up to it (mentions of Ambergris and New Crobuzon) it could be quite something!

Phil said...

Thanks for the heads up Luis, indeed, the cover art is from Steve Stone.

However, I have to say that your cover for Brooks' book is great!

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