Words of Radiance is huge!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Earlier today, I received Brandon Sanderson's much awaited novel, Words of Radiance, courtesy of Tor. I had read on some blogs that is was quite the doorstopper but it's only when you have it in your hands that you really understand. It's the size of a dictionary, but when compared with other huge hardcovers, it seems to be only slightly bigger than Towers of Midnight or Dust of Dreams.

Anyway, looks like a great and long reading is ahead of me, it simply wont be a lightweight experience!


Bookstooge said...

How does it compare to the first book, Way of Kings?

Unknown said...

I actually saw it at a bookstore in the mall the other day and when the cover looked huge but when I picked it up and turned it on its side...
So huge. xD

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