Richard Morgan's The Dark Defile update

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Richard Morgan posted an update about The Dark Defiles, the next book in the Land Fit for Heroes series. There was some speculations last year whether the book would be split because of its length. Finally, it's confirmed that the book is the final one in the trilogy.  To achieve this, Morgan had to write 247k words. That's 70k more words than the previous book, The Cold Commands. Can't wait!

The book will be out on August 21, 2014 and the blurb still doesn't say much:
The final part of Richard Morgan's fast-moving and brutal fantasy brings Ringil to his final reckoning and sees the world tipping into another war with the dragon folk. And, most terrifying of all, the prophecy of a dark lord come to rule may be coming true very close to home ...


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