Mark Lawrence's announces Prince of Fools

Monday, August 12, 2013

With the conclusion of the Broken Empire released last week, Mark Lawrence announced his next project (in fact he did it on August 1st...).  In this blog post he explains why he chose to put Jorg aside.  However, he is not going with a new setting as his next book, called Prince of Fools (the first book of the Red Queen War's series) will be set in the world of the Broken Empire trilogy.

Stay put for a June 2014 release!

Here's the blurb from Goodreads:
This is the first book of a planned trilogy titled The Red Queen’s War.
These books are set in the Broken Empire and cover the same two decades that we dipped into during Jorg’s tale [see Broken Empire trilogy]. The trilogy is stand-alone, i.e, it's not required that you read the Broken Empire trilogy first. 
The story follows the fortunes of Jalan Kendeth, an arrogant and cowardly womanizer, a bully and a cheat. Our ‘hero’ has lived his life in luxury and plans to continue doing so. Things start to go wrong when poor judgement entangles him in the adventures of an axe-wielding barbarian from the frozen north... 
Prince of Fools shows us the world of the Broken Empire with a thicker vein of humor than Jorg’s tale, but it’s the same bloodstained place and from time to time we catch a glimpse of Jorg and his friends in the background. 
I’m halfway through the second of the three books now and having fun with it! I hope you will too.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that M.Lawrence choose the same world for his second trilogy. It's a great news and i cant wait to read his next books.

Meg K said...

I found it difficult to like someone as ruthless as Jorg when I first started this series, but after getting to know more of his backstory and seeing him evolve in the second book, I find myself wanting more of this character. This has turned out to be such a great series. I'm about to start on Emperor of Thorns and I'm certain by the end of it I won't want it to end.

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