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Monday, January 21, 2013

You have probably seen my list of 2013 releases of interest and as you can gather, the year should be full of interesting new books, from well-known authors and their beloved series and debut authors coming out of nowhere.  However, as I did last year, I want to keep up with some of the series I haven't finished yet. Therefore, I would ask you which of the following series you would want me to talk about/finish/review first.  From that list, I would pick Tom Lloyd's series, since the reviews/comments I have seen so far mark it as a fantastic series with a proper ending (and to satisfy my friend who is a big fan). So, which one of these should come first between all the new entries of the year?  Some of the series are still not finished but since most of you fellow readers are like me and don't wait for them to be over before starting them, they were included.

  • The Twilight Reign by Tom Lloyd
  • Psalms of Isaak by Ken Scholes
  • The Godless World by Brian Ruckley
  • The Riyria Revelations by Michael J Sullivan
  • Legends of the Red Sun by Mark Charan Newton
  • The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks
  • The Lays of Anuskaya by Bradly P. Beaulieu
  • The Tower and the Knife by Mazarkis Williams
The second part of my question is not really a poll but it's related.  There's a whole bunch of authors of Fantasy I haven't read so far (I posted a Shame list two years ago but there's a couple of authors in there that I have now covered) and I would ask you the same kind of question.  Can you throw me some names of authors/series/books you would like me to try and review this year?  I have some names on my reading pile already like:

K.J. Parker
Sam Sykes
Lev Grossman
David Gemmell
Paul Kearney
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Ursula K. LeGuin
Roger Zelazny

Got any suggestions?


Thomas said...

Tom Lloyd is gold. Easily my third favourite series behind SoIaF and Malazan.
As for the second part,Adrian Tchaikovsky. Very interesting Magic Vs Technology angle, snd it has a more steampunkish flavor, as it is set in very early industrial age of their world instead of the typical medieval years

Japes21 said...

Michael Moorcock. His Elric and Eternal Champion series are classics.

Daniel said...

Would also definitely recommend Adrian Tchaikovsky. He's become one of my favorite authors.

Ghost said...

If you looking for new books or series to read, I would suggest "The Farlander" by Col Buchanan. I don't know if you had read it before but I would also recommend the "Jig the Goblin" series by Jim C. Hines.

Zoe said...

Definitely a +1 for Gemmell, he's a long-time favourite of mine, and I would recommend his Rigante series the best of the best :)

Ghost said...

For Gemmell, it's between Ravenheart or Legend. Those two are his best work.

Jetel said...

Gemmel for sure and do not forget Sapkowski. Maybe he is not well known in Canada and US, but still he is a great author.

Fantasist said...



She's one of a kind, seriously.

Myra C said...

I would like to know what you think about Sam Sykes Tome of the Undergates series

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