Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year everyone!!!

I wish another great year of Fantasy reading to us all!  With so many amazing years in a row, the bar is high.

My posts have been scarce in the last two weeks with all the family reunions and parties but it's over and now I'll have the time to return to blogging!  Here's what I have ahead of me:

  • My review of Red County by Joe Abercrombie
  • The Best of 2012
  • Coming up in 2013
  • My Hobbit movie feelings
  • A new poll
  • My review of The Forge of Darkness by Steven Erikson
  • A redesign of the blog interface
  • A new idea

Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

And a happy new year to you! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to pull out of the bag this year :)

runescape accounts for sale said...

Happy new year. plz keep going and I am looking forward to your next post.

Phil said...

Thanks guys!

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