Brian Ruckley's next book - The Free

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brian Ruckley, author of the Godless World series (Winterbirth, Bloodheir and Fall of Thanes) and the historical Fantasy The Edinburgh Dead shared some details about his next book, The Free (working title).

I have only read Winterbirth (my review) but I intend to finish the Godless World series eventually (I liked the first book a lot), when that to-read pile full of new series finally gets shorter.  The Edingurgh Dead didn't appeal to me since I'm not really fond of the historical fiction/Fantasy genre.  Hopefully, Mr. Ruckley decided to go back to heroic Fantasy. Here's what his next book is about:
What’s it about? It’s a return to what you might call heroic fantasy, I guess. Swords, magic and desperate doings in a world of mercenaries, rebellions and … actually, here’s a paraphrased and edited extract from the proposal I submitted to Orbit, which says it pretty well:
Once there were many free companies, selling their martial and magical talents to the highest bidder. Only one now remains, the greatest of them all, known simply as The Free in acknowledgement of its unique survival. In the last, chaotic days of a savage rebellion against a tyrannical king, a potent mix of venegeance, love and loyalty is about to bring a storm down upon The Free; a storm so violent it might mean the end for the last of the free companies.
It’s a stand-alone novel, and if it’s about anything – beyond the main objective of providing entertainment and excitement, of course – it’s about freedom, though not necessarily in the ways you might imagine.


Unknown said...

I've got 2 of Ruckley's books on my TBR shelf, and from what I've read of him from articles he's written, he has a good style. I best pull my finger out and play catch up :)

Doug M. said...

Did I hear "stand alone"? I'm in!

Daddy Grognard said...

I wonder if it's set in the same world? Even if not, it sounds like Ruckley's take on the Black Company, which has got to be worth checking out.

Phil said...

From the way he talks about The Free, I don't think that it's set in the same world.

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