Erikson's The Forge of Darkness cover and blurb

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steven Erikson first novel in the new Kharkanas Trilogy set in the past from the Malazan Book of the Fallen will be released later this year, on September 25th. The cover for The Forge of Darkness was found on the web this week alongside the blurb. Here you go:

The Forge of Darkness takes readers to Kurald Galain, the warren of Darkness, and tells an epic tale of a realm whose fate plays a crucial role in the fall of the Malazan Empire. 
It's a conflicted time in Kurald Galain, the warren of Darkness, where Mother Dark reigns. But this ancient land was once home to many a power… and even death is not quite eternal. The commoners' great hero, Vatha Urusander, longs for ascendency and Mother Dark's hand in marriage, but she has taken another Consort, Lord Draconus, from the faraway Dracon Hold. The idea of this union sends fissures throughout the realm, and as the rumors of civil war burn through the masses, an ancient power emerges from the long dead seas. Caught in the middle of it all are the Sons of Darkness, Anomander, Adarist, and Silchas Ruin of the Purake Hold.


Rainy Kaye said...

That is a fantastic cover. I think I'd print the artwork to hang on the wall or something lol Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

This book cover is magnificent. This sword is intriguing as it does not match Dragnipur and yet the story includes Draconus and Rake. I can hardly wait for this new Erikson offering. Erikson is my number one favorite fantasy author! I can re read his Malazan series forever.

Anonymous said...

Its probaly vengence/grief

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