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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have to admit that March 2012 is not the most prolific month in Fantasy releases.  There is some novels that could be of interest like this list:

Naomi Novik - Crucible of Gold, book 7 of the Temeraire series (March 6)
Raymond E. Feist - A Crown Imperiled, book 2 of the Chaoswar Saga (March 13)
Jon Courtenay Grimwood - The Outcast Blade, book 2 of the Assassini series(March 26)
Mark Chadbourn - Jack of Ravens, book 1 of Kingdom of the Serpent (March 27)

But what piqued my curiosity the most is the following (the final title in the series):


Shadow's Master
Jon Sprunk
March 27th
The northern wastes. . . .

A land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive. Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life. Armed only with his knives and his companions, he plunges into a world of eternal night where the sun is never seen and every hand is turned against him.

Caim has buried his father’s sword and found some measure of peace, but deep in the north an unfathomable power lays waiting. To succeed on this mission, Caim will have to more than just survive. He must face the Shadow’s Master.

 Finally, I missed a title of interest in February, which was released on the 28th:

Kings of Morning
Paul Kearney

For the first time in recorded history, the ferocious city-states of the Macht now acknowledge a single man as their overlord. Corvus, the strange and brilliant boy-general, is now High King, having united his people in a fearsome, bloody series of battles and sieges. He is not yet thirty years old. A generation ago, ten thousand of the Macht marched into the heart of the ancient Asurian Empire, and then fought their way back out again, passing into legend. It has been the enduring myth of Corvus' life, for his father was one of those who undertook that march, and his most trusted general, Rictus, was leader of those ten thousand. But he intends to do more. The preparations will take years, but when they are complete, Corvus will lead an invasion the like of which the world of Kuf has never seen. Under him, the Macht will undertake nothing less than the overthrow of the entire Asurian Empire.


Small Blonde Hippy said...

Ah! Yet another cover featuring a black cowled assassin! This looks like a great book though.

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