Giveaway - David Chandler's A Thief in the Night

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I still haven't read the first fantasy novel by David Chandler, Den of Thieves, but it's on my to-read pile.  The novels of his trilogy, named The Ancient Blades, will all be out in a quick succession, with the first book released on July 26th, the second (A Thief in the Night) on September 27th and the last one, Honor Among Thieves will be out on November 29th.

This is indeed David Chandler's first fantasy foray since he is also known as David Wellington, an author of 'adventurous fiction' (horror...).  Thanks to Harper Voyager (HarperCollinsPublishers), you could win a mass market paperback edition of his second book, A Thief in the Night.  You only have to send me a mail (contact on the right) with your name and address and "Chandler" as the subject.  The giveaway is open only for the US. I'll pick up the winner on October 7th.

Here's the blurb by the way :

Circumstance made him a criminal. Destiny may make him a hero.

As a thief, Malden is unparalleled in the Free City of Ness, and happy there. But by saving the life of the knight Croy, Malden has bound himself to an ancient, noble brotherhood . . . and he now possesses one of only seven Ancient Blades capable of destroying demons.

Malden fears accompanying Croy and the barbarian Mörget on their quest to dispatch a foul creature of nightmare . . . nor does he want to disturb the vengeful dead. But with an assassin on his heels, the young cutpurse is left with no choice. And there is the comely sorceress, Cythera, to consider— promised to Croy but in love with Malden—not to mention the fabulous treasure rumored to be hidden in the depths of the demon’s lair . . . 


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