Missed title - The Winds of Khalakovo

Thursday, April 7, 2011

In my spotlight post about the releases that got my attention in April, I forgot one title. It's been flying under the radar a bit but with a review from Fantasy Book Critic and guest post/contest by Mad Hatter, I grew intrigued. Night Shade books presents The Winds of Khalakovo by Bradley P. Beaulieu, out now.

Could this be another contender for best fantasy debut in 2011? We'll see. Here's the cover and the blurb :

Among inhospitable and unforgiving seas stands Khalakovo, a mountainous archipelago of seven islands, its prominent eyrie stretching a thousand feet into the sky. Serviced by windships bearing goods and dignitaries, Khalakovo's eyrie stands at the crossroads of world trade. But all is not well in Khalakovo. Conflict has erupted between the ruling Landed, the indigenous Aramahn, and the fanatical Maharraht, and a wasting disease has grown rampant over the past decade. Now, Khalakovo is to play host to the Nine Dukes, a meeting which will weigh heavily upon Khalakovo's future.

When an elemental spirit attacks an incoming windship, murdering the Grand Duke and his retinue, Prince Nikandr, heir to the scepter of Khalakovo, is tasked with finding the child prodigy believed to be behind the summoning. However, Nikandr discovers that the boy is an autistic savant who may hold the key to lifting the blight that has been sweeping the islands. Can the Dukes, thirsty for revenge, be held at bay? Can Khalakovo be saved? The elusive answer drifts upon the Winds of Khalakovo...


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