A Round of covers

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here we go with some stuff that grabbed my attention lately in the lustrous world of fantasy books cover art.


First up, is two covers coming from Poland! Jeff Vandermeer's Finch and David Anthony Durham's Acacia. Thanks to both authors for sharing them with us. As you can see here, there was already some better looking covers released for Acacia and I find this last one to be kind of bland... However, I actually like the feeling emanating from the Finch Polish cover.


Next up is from an author I admit I didn't know. The Bone Palace is the sequel to The Drowning City that was define by Orbit Books as "The blend of investigation, intrigue, and magic– all in a distinctly exotic fantasy setting really set it apart from the field and got people’s attention." Anyway, my interest here is in the cover. This is really not my usual type, but I find this one interesting... maybe slick and gorgeous could be applied as adjectives?


As many of you, I guess, I like Raymond Swanland work a lot. The artist did great again with the cover art for Surrender to the Will of the Night by Glen Cook. But despite a nice piece of artwork, I think the title and author name choice of font and color can kind of ruin some beautiful work....


Finally, a title that will grab attention more than most fantasy books but will probably turn down one of my friend that doesn't want to be associated with "Dungeon and Dragons" players/readers but who reads fantasy, Ari Marmell's The Goblin Corps. I'm actually not really a fan either...


David Anthony Durham said...

I like that Finch cover. Very nice,indeed.

Chad Hull said...

The Vandermeer and Durham both look amazing. Although my copy of Finch doesn't look that cool, that image may be enough to boost it up a bit on the TBR stack.

Now I have to go snoop around and find out some info about David Anthony Durham

Phil said...

Glad to hear from you David. By the way, do you have more Acacia book 3 news to share perhaps? :)

@Chad : David wrote historical fiction but if you're a fantasy fan, Acacia is a nice start for a trilogy. Look for my review.

redhead said...

now I'm mad I already bought Finch. I want THAT cover art!!!

Never heard of The Bone Palace, but damn if that isn't some deliciously stunning cover art.

David Anthony Durham said...


I enjoyed stopping by. And thanks for posting those Polish covers - both mine and Jeff's!

Acacia 3 is very, very close to finished. My editor already has some of it, and it's in the catalog they're putting together for Fall 2011. So, that's when it should appear in the world.

Not that far away, right?

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing.

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