Damn spoiler

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beware readers of Towers of Midnight! I was not aware that a glossary could be such a source of spoiler, you've got here one angry reader!

Ok, I was not eagerly waiting for the revelation of Asmodean's killer that much but still, the possibilities and all the myths or I should say theories surrounding the mysterious killer got to me eventually. I would not have bought one of those T-Shirts with the phrase "I killed Asmodean" but man, how could they put the feat of killing him in the description of the killer in the glossary of the book???

Maybe it's not that much a big deal but I only wanted to read some entries to refresh my memory a bit and now, without having finished the first few chapters, I know who killed him. The only less disturbing aspect of this is that it was not that big a surprise for me.

Anyway, I simply wanted to share and to warn you future reader!


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