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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yes we all have one, at least I hope I'm not the only one. Looking at the cover for Daniel Abraham new novel which has been getting more and more hype already, I could only think that he is among the fantasy authors I still haven't read any of their work yet. So let's see if I can come up with more names... obviously yes! I hope to remedy to that the sooner I can, and it's should be easy since for most of them, I already own at least one of their books.

So, I still haven't read anything by :

Daniel Abraham
Glen Cook
Adrian Tchaikovsky
China Mieville
Ursula K. Le Guin
James Barclay
Mark Chadbourn
Sam Sykes
David Gemmel
Lev Grossman
Paul Kearney
Robert V.S. Redick
K.J. Parker

Feel like sharing yours? Go ahead!


Showtyme said...

I share that entire list except KJ Parker. And I am currently taking care of Glen Cook, I just started the first Black Company book a couple days ago.

But I also have to add Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and probably many many others I should definitely have read by now...

allan said...

cannot tell you how badly you need to read gemmell. 'lion of macedon' is outstanding.

Unknown said...

Agree wholeheartedly with Allan. Gemmell is a must, though I would start with Legend. I read it in one sitting. Also, Kearney's Monarchies of God is outstanding.

Phil said...

I'll start the Black Company in audio book next.

As for Gemmell, I'll probably put him on top of my list. Legend you say? I'll look into it.

Simcha said...

My list used to look a lot like yours though I'm glad to say that this year I managed to read at least one book by Le Guin and Mieville,and I have read The Magician by Grossman. I think I'm going to pass on Sykes though because from what I've read about his book it doesn't sound like a book I would enjoy.

redhead said...

my excuse is that I don't own any books by these folks. yet.

David Gemmel
Brian Sanderson
Lev Grossman
Lavie Tidhar
Steven Erickson
Peter V Brett
Glen Cook

I know there are more. . .

Sascha Walter said...

I have to admit, most of your list would be part of mine, too. Exceptions are Daniel Abraham (I just read the Long Price a few weeks ago: very good) and China Mieville (only read Perdido Street Station, though). Of course I would have to add some more names to my (not comprehensive list:

Steven Erikson (got most Malazan books, just haven't read them yet)
George R. R. Martin
Patrick Rothfuss (got the book)
Peter V. Brrett
Joe Abercrombie
David Anthony Durham
Stephen R. Donaldson
Brent Weeks (got his trilogy)
Raymond E. Feist
Jim Butcher
Brian Ruckley (trilogy on order)
Melanie Rawn
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Janny Wurts
John Marco
Ian C. Esslemont
Juliet E. McKenna
Jennifer Roberson
Jennifer Fallon
Kate Elliott
Dave Farland
Terry Goodkind (should I read him?)

Well, looks like I will not lack books to read. I got books by quite a few authors mentioned above Already but I just haven't read them yet. With some I want to wait for the end of the series before I start. Though at least with Steven Erikson I can start right now, since the last book will be out in a few months. Before I get to book 10, it will be out in paperback for sure.

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